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BaiYuan WeiHong is moving



This year the company’s export business has increased by 40% year-on-year, which also requires us to further improve our volume and services.Due to the continuous growth of the company’s business, our current warehouse can no longer meet the current business volume, so we have officially started the relocation in December and expect to complete all transfers before January.

Future Outlook

Our new address is located in Deqing Economic Development Zone.The new factory’s location and advantages have opened up a whole new world of opportunities for the company. Improving supply chain efficiency and strengthening connections with customers and partners are golden rules for success. The active integration into the local community and commitment to social responsibility not only signify a relocation but also a solid step towards achieving sustainable development goals.

In conclusion, the new factory has laid a solid foundation for the company’s success, and this relocation marks a fresh starting point. The spirit of confidence and unity will undoubtedly lead the company towards an even more brilliant future. I can’t wait to see all of these unfold in the journey ahead!

Optimize the working environment

Improvement of employee working conditions
The new workplace will focus on employee work experience, providing spacious and bright office spaces, advanced work tools, and good ventilation and lighting conditions. In addition, we will set up comfortable employee rest areas to provide employees with a place to relax and improve work efficiency.
Improvement of quality of life
In addition to the improvement of working conditions, we will also focus on the quality of life of our employees. Convenient living facilities will be built around the company, such as gyms, staff canteens and leisure areas, to meet the various needs of employees after work and promote work-life balance.
Through modern facilities and environmentally friendly features, we aim to create an exciting work environment where each employee can reach their full potential and enjoy the best of work and life. This is a better future we are building for our employees.

Measures for a smooth transition

The labor, vehicles and tools used in this relocation are all from external professional companies. We know that this will undoubtedly require us to pay a huge fee, but in order to ensure a “feel-free experience” for our customers, we are happy to pay this fee, of course. This is indispensable without the preliminary work done by nearly a hundred employees in our warehouse


The relocation of the factory is an important turning point in the company’s development, marking that we have entered a new stage of development. This is not only to adapt to market changes, but also to create a broader development space for the company and ensure long-term sustainable success.

During this process, the company deeply felt the support and dedication of its employees. The efforts of every employee in the company’s relocation cannot be ignored and are a key step for the company to move towards a better future. We are well aware that this is a challenge, but we also believe that with the joint efforts of everyone, we can successfully overcome all difficulties.

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